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Will YOU Accept the 1869 Challenge?

Have you donated this fiscal year (Since July 1, 2019)? Make a donation of $18.69 or more by June 30 to support and continue the Dillard University's Legacy of Academic Excelllence and help us reach 30% Alumni Participation!

$54,929 raised

$60,000 goal

/ 150

/ 250


There has never been a better time to donate!!

DU Alumni, WE NEED YOU! The 1869 Challenge is here, and we're challenging all alumni to help us get to 30% participation by making a donation of $18.69 or any amount in support of Dillard University during these unprecedented times.

Let's get everyone involved! Make a donation of $18.69 or more to Dillard University and THEN challenge 18 other people to match your gift. With your help and involvement, we can do it! Every gift, regardless of the amount matters. We just need your name on the list!

As an alumnus, you play a critical role in shaping the Dillard University experience. Your involvement and support through giving back can impact your alma mater in several different ways, including helping to keep the doors open. Here's why increasing the Alumni Participation Rate is so important:

  • Your support tells a story of solidarity, attracting much-needed funding from corporations and foundations
  • Your gift every year helps to preserve your unique Dillard experience and allows future students to do the same
  • 30% Participation will increase our rankings to the Top 10% of HBCUs nationally

Take the 1869 challenge TODAY! Your gift of ANY amount can help us reach 30% Alumni Participation by June 30. Your Gift. Your Support. Every year!

Your alma mater needs you more than ever as we attempt to manage the COVID-19 Pandemic, we must count on our lumni, family, and friends to ensure we remain a vital resource to our community, if not you then WHO? So, Let's Do It 4 DU!! Make your donation and challenge others to do the same!!